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Build Your Own .NET Language and Compiler ebook
Build Your Own .NET Language and Compiler ebook

Build Your Own .NET Language and Compiler by Edward G. Nilges

Build Your Own .NET Language and Compiler

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Build Your Own .NET Language and Compiler Edward G. Nilges ebook
ISBN: 1590591348, 9781590591345
Publisher: Apress
Page: 408
Format: chm

Scott Hanselman dubbed JavaScript the assembly language for the web and the number of compilers targeting JavaScript seems to confirm that statement. Python is free to use because of its OPL- Open Source License; Python supports multiple programming paradigms including object-oriented, imperative and functional programming styles. Python is often used as a scripting language. Say we wanted to build a feature like require , which is known in many scripting languages, in Scala. I wrote a computer book (“Build Your Own .Net Language and Compiler”, Edward G. It's in charge to compile the common Intermediate Language ( CIL ) into machine code during the compilation process known as just-in-time ( JIT ). BR As I see it the major problem is that Tcl is interpreted (bytescodes are mostly a compile-time feature) while the language portability features of .NET seem to be targeted at (limited to?) compiled languages only. While there are many attempts at improving NET or Java world. It features a fully dynamic type system and automatic memory management, similar to that of Scheme, Ruby, Perl, and Tcl. Now we're going to look carefully three of this steps, you can look the other ones at your own time. Nilges, Apress 2004): I've met computer authors at unemployment offices. Wouldn't it be nice to still be able to leverage that in your web games? €Python is flexible” Build your own web server in three lines of code. We call Common Language Run time ( CLR ) the virtual machine component of Microsoft .NET Framework responsible of the execution of .NET programs. Regardless of where you're coming from, it's likely that you already know one or more languages and you like your development workflow.